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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Break is Over

I went to Alabama to visit my Mom and Dad over Christmas week. The solitude of the plane ride allowed me to dive into my manuscript a bit. After having some distance from it for a couple of months, I saw so many things to improve. Sam's comments were, as always, incredibly helpful. I also started hearing "the voices" again. Not ones of schizophrenia or psychosis, but the characters' voices. It's amazing how they become so real. Two of my characters, Jed and Lilah, screamed for more depth. I also opened the door a little to the soul of Grace (the title character) and ended up jotting down an interior dialogue prologue while finishing up packing my suitcase to come back to PA. I'm almost half-way into the revisions now and the thought of completing them is so exciting. But then there's the synopsis to write, the short synopsis, the author bio, the query letters...the publishing process is daunting. Time to get down to business in 2010 and get this thing out there.

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