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Sunday, December 14, 2014

And The Truth Shall Set You Free

The statement, "The truth shall set you free" is universally known. It's used in movie scripts, satirical skits and everyday conversation. We hang on these six words as the bridge that opens relationships. Allows for emotional and spiritual cleansing. A justification to "get things off our chests." Actually, the statement is from scripture (John 8:32) and the "truth" spoken about isn't a human one but a spiritual one.

One of the basic values we're taught from childhood is honesty. To be true to ourselves and those around us. Because deceit and subjugating our feelings are synonymous and hurt us and our relationships. We're encouraged to be truthful with the caveat of "little white lies" for those we aren't close to. Socially accepted deceit to be socially correct.

Certainly there is value in honesty with those closest to us, but that needs to be peppered with compassion and empathy. Because what we perceive as truth, particularly in relationships, isn't truth but perspective clouded by variables like past experiences, current struggles and fears about the future. We can't truly call it "truth." What we individually see, experience and believe as "truth" is, in fact, our view of a situation through a kaleidoscope.

Our kids have no idea what a kaleidoscope is but we remember them as children. You stick your eye up to the tiny hole and see a plethora of colors. Then, with a slight twist of the end, everything shifts. The colors and prisms change.

This is the truth we live in within our relationships. What we think at a particular moment is black and white is actually the undulating change in perspective that happens with each moment we share with someone we love.

So as we navigate this thing called life with people that we choose to do life with, let us remember that our "truth" isn't actually truth but perspective shaped by variables that twist the end of the kaleidoscope. When we choose to share our "truth," let's be mindful of that.

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